Our Coaching Sessions

At ES Life Coach we understand the challenges you face just by the simple act of aging–the changes to our bodies, minds, spirits and emotions. We specialize in the events that one faces as we move into our pre and older adult years. Your journey to wellness begins with a full life review and analysis by a trained counselor who will be there every step of the way to a purposeful intention that determines your conscious approach to living a full and abundant life. Through this journey, you will experience the joy, peace and wellness available to each one of us.

Coaching Options

There are many fast and affordable ways to receive the support you need. We want to communicate in a manner that best fits your lifestyle and personal preferences. Our sessions generally last 60 minutes, with packages and programs to suit your needs.

We offer the following options for our clients to receive compassionate consultation and one-to-one professional expertise and assistance:

Face to Face Meetings

Face-to-face meetings are arranged at a mutually convenient location. This option is available for clients who reside in Florida. Schedule now.

We Have Three Package Options

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Virtual Sessions

In the information age, we have the awesome privilege of connecting through various types of technology. Virtual sessions, or video calls, are a great option for individuals who find it taxing to leave their home, or would simply prefer to connect with us in the comfort of their living room, home office, etc. via Skype sessions, Facetime, or other Internet software applications. In addition, virtual sessions make it easy for people who live across the globe from the ES Life Coach family, or are in the area but have limited transportation. Schedule now.

Telephone Sessions

Telephone sessions allow the ES Life Coach team of professionals to speak with you in the same manner in which you chat with your friends and family every day. Without the hassle of travel, you can meet your coach on your sofa, at your dining room table, or in a sunlit spot on the porch — wherever you feel most relaxed. Without the distractions of physical actions or appearances, telephone sessions allow you and your coach to become acquainted with each other, and discuss/ address your current challenges to find solutions that work for you. Schedule now.

Which option seems most convenient for you? Connect with us now so we can begin to improve your quality of life.

LIVE your golden years with grace and gratitude. Let us be your guide!