Educational Seminars

A powerful public speaker and engaging information provider, Elizabeth offers seminars and educational sessions on topics relevant to individuals, caregivers/medical professionals, organizations providing behavioural health services, communities providing holistic care, mental health services, fitness, geriatric services, civic and church clubs and more.

The following are some topic examples on which she is prepared to teach, speak, and deliver compelling content via an in-person visit, virtual session, or other pre-arranged avenue. Please note, this is not an exhaustive list. If you’d like to book a talk on a topic not listed here, while completing the sign-up process, just add a note describing your desired subject matter, and we will contact you with the presentation that we have or we can tailor it to your specific wishes.

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Ten Trending Topics

Boost Your Brain Power

Yoga Practice for Chronic Condition Management

Emotional Wellness

Nutrition and Exercise

Mobility and Falls: Prevention Methods and Safety Strategies

Achieving Work/Life Balance

Palliative Care-Planning for the End of Life

Industry Changes AffectingThe Older Adult: 2019

Affordable Care Act-How it Affects Medicare Recipients

Ketamines-Uses for Major Depressive Disorder

Caregiver Support/Health Care

Recognizing and Preventing Caregiver Burnout

Family Relationships/Navigating Issues and Resolving Conflicts

The Older Adult at Home

Living with Family: How to Make the Best of a New Living Situation

Independent and Assisted Living Homes, Nursing Homes, Rehabilitation Centers and Homecare Agencies: Options and Advantages/Disadvantages

Homecare Safety

Health Conditions


Alzheimer’s & Dementia






Hearing/Vision Loss

Heart Disease

Parkinson’s Disease

Sleep Disorders

Other Chronic Diseases: Living well with and Managing them

Financial and Legal Discussions

Finding Assistance and Resources

Veterans Aid

Paying for Care

Medicare and Medicaid

POA and Guardianship

Sample Rates

12 (total hours) x $50 per hour = $600.00
Phone/Virtual/Email correspondence with seminar organizer (information, travel plans, etc.) 2 hour
Preparation for Seminar (information, keynote design, research) 4 hours
Travel Time (varies) 4 hours
Conference (one day) 2 hours

Daily Rates

Small Conferences (students) $500
Large Conferences (professionals) $1250