Empowering Self

ES Life Coach Empowers Self through planning and coordination of services for the populations. We are:

  • Educators, Researchers & Public Speakers– We provide first rate, cutting-edge information related to the aging process and the constant changes in the wellness industries. We provide monthly education series and Video blogs so our community can be empowered and in charge of their welfare. Personal speaking engagements can be arranged for medical professionals, church leaders, social workers or community clubs and organizations. We have reading materials and tool kits to provide information on potential risks and insight on past experiences with helpful hints.
  • Enablers– We build relationships with the individuals who request personal assessments and guidance with their unique situations. We conduct an initial assessment of needs and strengths, and tailor and implement an intervention plan specific to client. We provide a detailed, easy -to-follow plan for each individual.
  • Advocates & Activists — Individuals often find themselves in situations the leave them physically worn out. Their medical condition may leave them unable to fight for themselves. We can be the ones to plead your cause, argue for, defend, maintain, or recommend a cause or proposal.
  •  Brokers & Coordinators — Possessing the experience and solid knowledge of the medical and wellness industry, we can make referrals with the utmost confidence, helping you access reputable services and programs that are Federal, State or local in nature along with the private service sectors. Our clients may have multiple needs and we cannot expect to meet all of them, but we can provide appropriate direction and help find the resources to fill the needs.
  • Mediators & Negotiators– Sometimes, the situations we deal with later in life can cause tension between families or friends. Our team can help end disputes and provide guidance so that all parties have an option to reconcile their differences, find compromise, and reach mutually satisfactory agreements.

The ES Life Coach team assists our clients by empowering them to help themselves improve their quality of life, and maintain their independence for as long as possible. Our team works with individuals and their families to enlist a plethora of health and social care services. We achieve this through experience in the working knowledge of family systems, physical and emotional health, a vast understanding of public and private resources available, along with funding resources.