Emotional Support

beach photoWho do you contact when a problem surfaces or when you need to talk to someone? Do you have someone to confide in when something is troubling you or you have a disturbing thought you need to share?

Sometimes our network of support is miles away, or it might be getting smaller as we age. We can provide the support you need to help ease the pain of loneliness and allow for you to feel connected with others. People experience emotional challenges in different ways. At ES Life Coach, we will develop an individualized plan of care that will include a mutually agreed-on focus of work and desired outcomes through assessments where we collect, organize and interpret the information we’ve gathered. This will aid us in identifying your strengths and limitations so we’re able to enact interventions based on your goals and objectives, using the appropriate, researched intervention strategies. The agreed-on interventions will enhance your capacities, bring you increased quality of life and resolution to problems, and facilitate transitions to a place of emotional healing.

At ES Life Coach, we provide Emotional Support in the following ways:  Helping Individuals…

  • Manage loss
  • Create Opportunities for Mastery and Control
  • Maintain Personal Identity
  • Reduce Social Isolation

We Offer:

  • Virtual Counseling
  • Virtual Support Groups
  • Tip of the month
  • Tools and Resources to use at home
  • Helpful Website Links Monthly
  • Recommended Reading
  • Inspirational Stories