What does growing older feel like for you?

Does it feel burdensome, laden with confusion, fear, and complicated questions? Are you concerned about the future, and wondering if a quality life is possible in light of your current challenges? We can help.

ES Life Coach for Older Adults

We offer powerful tools, tailored to your individual goals and urgent needs. Our team exists to empower, enlighten, educate and enrich you. We also provide you with the emotional support you need along the way.

Growing older does not mean losing your ability to participate fully in life.

There are three easy ways for older adults to get beneficial life coaching from the ES Team

Elizabeth face to face

Face to Face

Meet our counselor, Elizabeth  Sukys-Rice, LCSW. Learn about our options for counseling sessions.

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Book a Seminar

Elizabeth offers seminars and educational sessions on topics relevant to the aging adult…

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Read Our Book

Buy Promise Me You Won’t Put Me in a Home today. Get details and book excerpt here.

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Isn't it time you got the kind of support you need to participate fully in your own life?

Let ES Life Coach help you find the way.