Wheel of Life

“There are many spokes on the Wheel of Life. First, we’re here to explore new possibilities.”
― Ray Charles

The Wheel of Life Exercise

Directions: The eight sections in the wheel of Life represent harmony. They encourage us to consider all areas of life. Regarding the center of the wheel as 0 and the outer edge as 10, rank your level of satisfaction with each life area by drawing a straight or curved line to create a new outer edge (see example). The new perimeter of the circle gives you a visual idea of possible rough spots in your wheel of life. It’s good to narrow down to three areas where you’ll focus your energy.
Descriptions for each area of the Wheel of Life
What’s a level 10? That’s different for everyone. Avoid the ego comparing to others or thinking you’ll only be at a when you’re king of the planet and every human loves you. A ten is simply short hand for “I love it and I’m happy too if it increases.” For example, you may be single and love it. You’re dating, meeting wonderful people, having fun, and as soon as it’s not fun, you end as friends. That could be a Level 10 in “Significant Other”.
Here’s a rough guide to what each area could mean:
Spiritual – This is your inner world. You experience inner peace, a sense of connection with all things, all is good. This has nothing to do with what’s going on in the outer world. Words like hope, faith, optimism, enthusiasm come to mind.
Career – You are doing what you love to do. What Buddha called “Right Livelihood.” You bring love to what you do. It supports your heart’s desire and supports others. It doesn’t have to be “perfect”. You may have elements you could love if you weren’t attached to things being different. Words like mission, vision, dharma, purpose come to mind.
Finances – The expenses are paid by automatic accounting. Organized like a beautiful garden. You know where everything is, you’re tracking the increase, and you are living a lifestyle you love. Again, watch out for the ego comparing you to Oprah and saying you’re a zero.
Physical environment – You know what this means! The clutter around you is the clutter in your mind. Your car, home, desk, clothes, everything reflects your inner world. Make sure they’re impeccably organized, old things out, space for new to come I, just like your mind. At 10, you are attracting what you desire also.
Health and fitness: Energizing food, regular exercise, you treat your body as a beautiful template because it is!
Fun & recreation: Are you playing? Really playing? Laugh a lot, be silly, and take out your inner child at least once a week. Dream! Take fun risks, overcome fears (like skydiving) or go for a walk on the beach.
Personal Development: Read, listen to teachers, expand who you are and exercise your mind. Don’t do this because you need to but because you really love expanding.
Friends: Do you have close positive friends who cheer you on? Are you adding new friends and colleagues regularly? Are you stretching the kinds of people you meet to expand yourself?
Family: Do you look forward to being with your family or are you holding grudges still? Do you let them be themselves, with no need to change? No one has a perfect family. They don’t need to change. We need to change ourselves. They help us practice unconditional love.
Significant Other: You look forward to their company. Smile when you think of them. Even if you’re single, you are mingling, having fun, enlightening those you meet.
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