How to Identify When You Are Stressed

Mental or Physical ?

Every individual is unique and the way we process information is also unique. When we experience stress it can be a combination of physical, experiencing the stress primarily in the body, or mental, where some individuals experience their stress with mental reactions. One third of individuals experience their stress in both the body and the mind. Where does that put you?

Take a Short Quiz and See

  1. I worry about things that do not really matter
  2. I feel like my hands are shaking or jittery
  3. I visualize scenes that are terrifying
  4. I can feel a tightening in my stomach
  5. My heart beat increases
  6. I get diarrhea or an upset stomach
  7. It is difficult for me to concentrate, my thoughts leave me distracted.
  8. I find myself pacing back and forth feeling nervous
  9. It is hard for me to keep visions out of my head that cause me anxiety
  10. I feel like I cannot move
  11. I sweat
  12. I feel frozen like I cannot decide quick enough and I am losing out on things
  13. I keep worrying and focusing on thoughts that make me anxious
  14. Thoughts keep running through my head that bother me

How Did You Score

If you selected 2,4,5,6,8,10,11 give yourself one body point for each item that applies

If you selected 1,3,7,9,12,13,14 give yourself one mind point for each item that applies

If you had more body points than mind you react to stress physically more than mentally, and that also applies the other way around. If your scores were more even, you are part of that 1/3 of the population that processes stress both physically and mentally.

Your Approach

There are ways to handle your stress related specifically to the way your body reacts. Physical exercise can help reduce symptoms of stress for those individuals who score high on the body points. Taking a walk, a jog or swimming can reduce the stress reactions for those who react physically. And for those of you who react more on the mental realm, try a board game, breath work, a good book or journaling. With the rest of the 1/3 of the world try yoga or pilates that includes both the physical exertion and mindful meditation.

Partial content for this provided by:  Mind Body Medicine by Daniel Goleman, Ph.D., & Joel Gurin. Consumer Reports Books.


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