Healthy Brain Basics

Steps Toward a Better Brain
By: Elizabeth Sukys-Rice, LCSW
There are many things that can affect brain health. Start with one small step in the right direction:
■ Schedule a health screening or physical exam
■ Review your medicines with your health care provider
■ Add one daily serving of vegetables to your diet
■ Start a food, activity, or health journal
■ Find your community center’s activity schedule
■ If you are a Medicare beneficiary, schedule an Annual Wellness Visit

Good overall health may help to maintain good brain health. These tips may help you stay active and healthy, physically and mentally.
■ Eat or drink less sugar, salt, and solid fat
■ Eat more fruits, vegetables, and whole
■ Choose lean meats, fish, or poultry
■ Control portion sizes
■ Choose low- or non-fat dairy
■ Drink adequate fluids
■ Make physical activity a part of your routine
■ Seek exercise guidance from a health care provider
■ Join programs that teach
exercise safety
■ Volunteer or work
■ Join a social club or gather
with friends
■ Try programs at local community centers
■ Get 7-8 hours of sleep every night

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