About Rica

QueenCopywriterAt the age of 19, Rica Lewis took an interest in the healthcare industry when her grandmother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease and went to live in a nursing home. She pursued her certifications to work at the facility, where she learned to take vital signs, monitor wounds, and provide for the basic needs of an ailing community. Most importantly, she learned that life and health are transient gifts, and we ought to cherish them while we have them, do our best to keep them, and plan for the day we lose them.

Rica spent the next 15 years serving in various capacities in the medical field. She’s worked in assisted living facilities, nursing homes, rehabilitation centers, hospitals and patients’ homes. She’s studied nursing, medication distribution/management, and telemetry. A “word nerd” from her youth, Rica decided to obtain her journalism education while also working the night shift on a long-term care unit. Post graduation (2006) she began channeling her health knowledge into articles for medical publications and online platforms.

Today, Rica feeds her passion for serving the older adult and creative enthusiasm for the written word by writing content that inspires and educates. She currently works as a copywriter, owns and manages a yoga website, and is a proud member of the ES Life Coach Team.