About Chris

Chris SukysChris Sukys-Rice has always had a passion for helping others. He comes by this honestly, as his mother was a police officer and his Uncle and Aunt were missionaries in Hong Kong. Learning to serve at a young age by advancing through all of the stages of Scouting, from Cub to Eagle, he became one of the youngest Eagle scouts at the time. He still enjoys helping others out. He has volunteered for over five years at an Assisted Living Facility serving in many capacities there. After working to meet the necessary qualifications and licensing, he was ultimately hired there as an Assistant Administrator, and became acquainted with not only the trials and tribulations that are faced by people entering that phase of their lives, but also in the joys and bonuses that can be realized from doing so.

Chris has a knack for digging into the stories and issues of today and separating the “wheat from the chaff’, and getting to the root of the issue, being able to present the facts in an unbiased manner. He is currently completing his studies to become a middle grades Social Studies teacher and comes to the team as a developed analyst and compassionate advocate.