A Social Worker Home Visit

Services Available Under Standard Insurance Coverage for MSW Home Visit
By Elizabeth Sukys-Rice, RCSWI

Coming home from a hospital or a stay at a rehabilitation center, one usually finds themselves exhausted, happy to be home in their own surroundings, yet facing the responsibilities of our normal everyday lives can be daunting. It is a standard practice in today’s medical setting to schedule home health care for an individual once they’ve had a hospital stay. Most of the time the home health care involves nursing services or maybe some physical rehabilitation such as physical or occupational therapy or maybe even speech therapy. In addition to the services just listed most insurance plans will cover visits by a Medical Social Worker, MSW or LCSW, Licensed Clinical Social Worker. The following is a list of services that can be provided by a social worker in the home under a home healthcare service provider.

An assessment of the social and emotional factors related to patient’s need for care, their response to treatment and their adjustment to that care, related to the patient’s illness. The Social Worker can then develop a plan to help address any needs or challenges the patient might be experiencing.
An assessment of the patient relationship with medical and nursing requirements in the home setting, financial resources and the availability of community resources. The Social Worker then can provide brokering services to bridge the connection between community support programs and the patient or caregivers.
Appropriate action to obtain available community resources to assist in resolving the patient’s problem. The Social Worker can assist in finding programs or services that could be available based on income or service related benefits specific to the patient.
Counseling services that are required by the patient for emotional well-being; for example, challenges with the grieving process, palliative care, depression and anxiety.
Brief interventions with the patient’s family members or caregivers in relation to situations that might obstruct or prevent the patient’s medical treatment or rate of recovery

Obtaining a prescription from one’s doctor is easy. Simply contact your physician’s office and request an order for HHC for yourself or a loved one. The doctor can order home healthcare for an individual who is homebound and in need of nursing or physical therapy services, at that time a medical social worker can be requested to come in and provide support services to increase the individual’s chances of a successful risk-free recovery.

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