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Love your Heart 

Know the Signs By Elizabeth Sukys-Rice Signs of Heart Disease Early heart disease often doesn’t have symptoms, or the symptoms may be barely noticeable. This is especially true in older adults. That’s why regular checkups with your doctor are important. Contact your doctor right away if you feel any chest pain. However, as you get […]

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Resolve to Stay Active

Staying Motivate By Elizabeth Sukys-Rice Activity Increased Quality of Life Physical activity is a great way for older adults to gain substantial health benefits and maintain independence. To make physical activity a routine habit , choose activities and exercises that are fun, motivate you, and keep you interested. If you can stick with an exercise routine […]

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Gratitude & Wisdom

During this time of Thankfulness and Thanksgiving with Wisdom comes Gratitude By Elizabeth Sukys-Rice, MSW Can we be grateful for our challenges? According to the Journal of gerontology psychological science and social science ,series B, in the September 2014 issues, gratitude and wisdom can go hand-in-hand. Wisdom and gratitude have had a long philosophical and religious […]

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